The Size Guide to Car Covers

A widely wide-spread automobile cover will match any sized car, regardless of how massive or small. (Vans are a separate size.) As that is the case, the ordinary cover is therefore the cheapest kind of cowl, as it may be mass produced. The major gain of it becoming every and each car, is that the equal cowl may be used, whilst the automobile is updated, and a new vehicle is sold. It additionally approach the cover can lend out to own family and friends without demanding approximately the suit. What people do not like approximately the regular cowl is this is doesn’t in shape any car perfectly. Meaning, that either the quilt can be a chunk too large, or a chunk too small for the auto. Either there will be bits of the automobile peaking out, unprotected, or the quilt may be very baggy and flapping approximately in the wind. For this purpose, its miles said that the safety a customary cowl offers is not the most effective.

The next form of cover, ascending in price, is the semi-custom cowl. These covers are made to suit a selection of vehicles which can be grouped collectively as they’re of comparable form and size. The health of the duvet will consequently be greater appropriate to the car. Naturally, because of this the safety provided is higher as the cover will cover the entire car nicely. Nonetheless, its miles still now not perfect. It remains not comfortable in opposition to the auto. Which brings us to the remaining type of cover; the custom. This is tailor-made for the car in question. It will fit the automobile in every experience of the phrase and guard it high priced. Taken into consideration may even be things like mirrors and aerials, and pockets will be made for them. Due to its precise fit, the cover will be able to provide the high-quality degree of protection possible. There will no room, in anyway, for anything to work its manner in, the quilt is tight against the automobile.

Obviously, the custom cover seems the best too. There isn’t any such factor as excess and saggy fabric, or components of the automobile left exposed. Car proprietors are given the risk to customize their covers having the choice of choosing the color of the automobile, and putting a brand in their choice at the bonnet, giving the duvet an introduced classy look. When the automobile is included via a custom cowl, it will robotically be extra stylish and higher-elegance.


The new Mercedes-Benz A Class arrives in Brazil in the version A 250 Vision. The model was presented in the Salão de São Paulo in the Launch Edition, limited to 100 units. Both models feature the new and efficient 2.0-liter 224-hp 4-cylinder turbo engine and follow the brand’s new design line. The new Mercedes-Benz A Class is as dynamic and young as ever, yet bigger and more comfortable than ever. It completely redefines the concept of modern luxury in the compact category and revolutionizes interior design. Technologically, the new A Class not only takes first place in the category, in addition to the innovative system MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience, it also offers a variety of functions previously reserved for the upper classes. The model also has LED headlights. “With the MBUX, Mercedes-Benz allows a new interaction between the driver and the car. Functional and intuitive, the system offers the experience of driving a ‘mobile on wheels’, as well as connecting with all aspects of customer life and behavior, “says Holger Marquardt, Director of Marketing and Automotive Sales Latin America and the Caribbean .

Young and sporty exterior design

The design of the new A Class is the next step in Mercedes-Benz’s design philosophy. Its optimized dimensions and proportions have led to a new language of compact design. The exterior of the new A Class emphasizes sportsmanship, dynamism and emotion. The striking front design, elongated headlights with chrome elements ensure an emotional appeal and attractive appearance. The radiator grille with the Mercedes-Benz star, whose silhouette opens toward the base as a reinterpretation of its predecessor, features a central silver blade to emphasize the model’s sportiness. The vehicle was visually extended by the large wheelbase and the smooth side line. The hood tilts more sharply than in previous models, emphasizing a dynamic and imposing front. The large arches of the five-spoke 18-inch wheels reinforce the sportiness of the new A 250 and make it even more balanced on the road. The model has a wider rear view, thanks to a more glazed glass area that also emphasizes the shoulders and rear reflectors more spaced in the modular two-section bumper. With a cd value of 0.25 and front area (A) of 2.19 m2, the new A Class is the leader in its segment in aerodynamics and better than its predecessor (cd 0.26 / frontal area of ​​2.20 m²). The 250 Vision also features a dashboard finish with darkened carbon fiber look, comfort suspension and Beige Macchiato color option, as well as the black color for ARTICO seat lining.

Interior design: a revolution from within

Mercedes-Benz started from a completely new point of view, revolutionizing the compact class with a new perception of space. The architecture of the interior is shaped by the cutting-edge design of the panel: for the first time the presence of a cover above the cockpit has been totally eliminated. As a result, the main body of the wing-shaped panel extends from one front door to the other without any visual discontinuity. Ventilation air vents with a turbine look are another highlight. The panel is divided into two horizontal three-dimensional sections: the bottom is separated from the main body of the panel and appears to float in front of it. The completely independent display is offered with two 10.25-inch (17.78 cm) screens.

MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience

The new A Class is the first Mercedes-Benz model to introduce the all-new intelligent and intuitive multimedia system MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience. This system is a revolution for the experience of using the vehicle. Items with emotional appeal mark the comprehensibility of the control structure and shine through the highest resolution graphics that are calculated and presented in real time. One of the main highlights is the high-resolution Widescreen cockpit with several operating possibilities: through the multifunction steering wheel, the touchpad in the center console, via the touch of the media display itself or the innovative intelligent voice control with speech recognition natural, activated by the keywords ‘Hello’, ‘Hi’ or ‘EA’ followed by ‘Mercedes’. Functions such as setting the air conditioner, choosing a radio station and opening the sunroof blind can now be easily accessed through the voice command.

Space and seating: A Class grew

With its more sporty look, the new A Class has gained in practicality, becoming younger and simultaneously more versatile than ever. Larger internal space for the shoulders, elbows and head, plus easy access to the rear are obvious benefits, as well as the luggage compartment, more friendly for family and recreational use. Visibility throughout the environment has also improved considerably. This helps both security and space printing. The capacity of the luggage compartment behind the rear seats is 370 liters – 29 liters more than the previous model. Thanks to the taillights divided into two parts, the cargo opening is 20 cm wider than before and the trunk floor 11.5 cm longer. The storage concept is equally practical: the storage compartment in the center console in front of the shift lever has been increased considerably. A very special effort was dedicated to improving the visibility around the vehicle. In total, the area blocked by the columns was reduced by 10% compared to the previous model.

Silent shooting: strength in serenity

Silence and vibration free running are an important factor in the premium maturity impression of the new A Class. In addition to the effective isolation between the suspension and the body of the vehicle and the adoption of aeroacoustic measures, the structure itself plays a decisive role. During the development of the A Class, special attention was paid to the high structural rigidity and points of connection between the body, suspension and power train. Significant improvements in stiffness were achieved, especially at suspension connection points, which were so important for rolling noise, and the internal noise level was considerably reduced. The comprehensive sound insulation concept of the new A Class also includes configuration of components such as air and coolant management systems or internal trim parts to improve sound insulation. Wind noise was also significantly reduced compared to the previous model.

Intelligent Direction: High Technology

The new A Class features the latest driver assistance systems with cooperative driver support, providing the highest level of active segment safety through functions originating from superior models. The new A Class comes standard with the Active Brake Assist. Depending on the situation, it can reduce the consequences of rear-end collisions with slow vehicles, stopping or parked at the front and even with pedestrians and cyclists traversing, or even avoiding them altogether. The new A Class is also the first Mercedes-Benz model developed at the Center for Vehicle Safety Technology (TFS). The design of the vehicle structures incorporates findings of research of actual accidents. Each individual component of the body structure was developed according to the loads and stresses encountered with respect to the geometry and thickness of the material, bringing the technology to the quality of the materials (a higher proportion of steel plates with high strength and ultra high strength).

The centerpiece of body safety is the passenger cell. Its high rigidity when subjected to the tension caused by an accident, as in frontal, lateral or rear collisions and overturning, is due above all to the greater use of steel plates with high resistance, ultra high resistance and hardened in the stamping. The driver and front passenger have three-point safety belts with force limiters and tensioners. The two outer rear seats are equipped with safety belts with tensioning spool and force limiter. The new A Class is equipped with airbags for the driver and front passenger, knee airbag for the driver and window airbags. Unlike many competing models, the window airbag also jeep cherokee covers column A for more complete passenger protection. Side pouches for the thorax and pelvis are standard for the front.

Efficient motor

The A Class is equipped with the four-cylinder engine with 224 hp and 350 Nm of torque and with seven-speed 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission. The M 260 engine has 2.0 liters. New equipment includes the CAMTRONIC command for the intake valve shaft. The gasoline engine comes standard with the particulate filter.

Suspension: agile and comfortable

The model features the five-spoke 18-inch wheels and the DYNAMIC SELECT system (different driving modes ranging from comfortable to sporty or economical) as standard. Like its predecessors, the new A Class has front suspension McPherson. The vehicle has a sophisticated rear suspension with four arms. The rear axle is mounted on a sub-frame isolated from the body by rubber cushions so that less vibrations are transferred from the suspension to the interior of the car. The proportion of aluminum in the suspension components is one of the highest in any suspension system in this class of vehicles. The 250 Vision is equipped as standard with comfort suspension with steel springs and DYNAMIC SELECT. The comfort suspension has springs and shock absorbers specially configured to combine comfort and sportiness.


Just over a month ago, at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, Mercedes-Benz announced the upgrade of its C Class in both the Sedan and Estate versions, a light aesthetic renewal that showed important mechanical and technological innovations. Now comes the two-door versions of the model: the Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe and Cabriolet 2019. The image of both adopts the elements that we have already seen in their brothers: touches in the bumpers, grid with diamond effect, LED headlights High Performance and a sporting character in the AMG versions. Inside the upgrade is similarly subtle, looking much like the pre-facelift model, but improving the quality of the materials (upholstery, frames, etc.) and adding a new steering wheel, ambient lighting options and the energizing control system, plus of an instrument cluster that can count on a screen up to 12.3 inches combined with a center console formed with another screen of 7.0 or 10.25 inches. That’s just part of the technological equipment offered. Among other elements are the digital keyhole system in the smartphone thanks to NFC technology, a wireless charging input and the sound system with nine speakers and 225 watts signed by Burmester experts. However, the most outstanding is the set of assistants to the driving it offers.

Most are inherited from the S Class, among them the Intelligent Drive, which is a semi-autonomous driving system with a set of cameras and radars that analyze the surroundings of the car in up to 500 meters in front, 40 on the sides and 80 at the rear. DISTRONIC helps to adjust the speed of the vehicle according to the situation and also adds to the equipment the wizard of change of track, steering, braking and emergency stop. Also important is the renovation of its mechanical line, which when it reaches the market in July will be formed by three versions. Perhaps more interesting is the C 200, as it uses a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with 184 hp that combines with the mild hybrid system of 48 volts EQ Boost, which provides 14 extra cv and releases the engine of some functions, the which helps reduce consumption. The diesel option is the C 220d, a 2.0-liter block with 194 hp. The top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe and Cabriolet is the AMG C 43. This version uses a 3.0 V6 engine of 390 hp and 520 Nm, features the 4MATIC all-wheel drive and allows the coupe to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds, one tenth less than the convertible, with the top speed of both limited at 250 km / h.

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